• a


    08/26/2022, 7:28 PM
    Hello. Is there a best practice for logging Taffy requests for performance related issues? Is it a matter of capturing the X-TIME-IN-ONTAFFYREQUEST and X-TIME-IN-RESOURCE headers and go from there?
  • atuttle


    08/29/2022, 1:54 PM
    @ancebal that’s a fine place to start. once you find a slow resource, you’ll want to add similar metrics around each of its steps to see where the bottlenecks are so that you can optimize them.
  • r


    09/27/2022, 3:00 PM
    Using taffy 3.6.0 with Lucee to serve data to a mobile app. The data seems to be cached even though no caching is configured. Only way to get it to pull new data is to 'Reload API Cache' via taffy dashboard. Started on one cfc now seeing it on another. Reloading API cache works consistently but means logging into dashboad every few hours to kick start it again. The query pulls the data looking forward 6 hours. So i reset it at 7AM and the dataset has 7AM to 1PM. Everything works as expected during that window then at 1PM the dataset returns empty. What it should be returning at 10AM is 10AM - 4PM and 11-5 etc... But at 1PM it pulls empty response. As soon as i reload API cache it shows correct data again without any other changes. I have not changed any of the default Taffy config and my CFML has no caching enabled or in the management page. What am i doing wrong? Sorry for cross posting but i keep finding more appropriate channels.